About Us

My passion for anything automotive has taken me on a journey that has lasted over 50 years.  As a young boy, my interest in cars and trucks began by spending my days playing with my Corgi Cars and Hot Wheels. When ever my mother wanted to find me all she had to do was look for the trail of cars that ultimately lead her to the room where I was pretending to construct a highway or building a race track in order to see how fast all of my cars could go. As I became older, I started to wash and wax cars in the small town in which I grew up in order to save up for my first car.  I also spent many a day learning from a Neighbor that restored classic cars such as a Rolls Royce, Chord, and even a 1969 Shelby GT500, which was my favorite car that I actually got to work on.

As with anyone, time went on and life took on new responsibilities and challenges but I never lost my interest in all that is automotive. I was fortunate enough to be able to purchase many cars and trucks over the years ( 62 of them as a matter of fact and that number continues to grow ) but it was not until recently that I had the desire to create a Facebook page to share all that I know with others.

I wanted to share my knowledge on Facebook by posting all that I know about cars and trucks in order to offer an easy approach when researching a particular vehicle.  So, I created a page called Car Savvy, the web address is here……..


and from that page I have created this blog, otherwise known as the Car Savvy World blog. I actually had to modify the name by adding World due to the global reach of my postings. I hope that Car Savvy as well as the Car Savvy World blog offers all that you seek to learn about cars and trucks. Please check both this blog as well as the Facebook page for updates and new information on everything that is automotive and remember that it is good to be Car Savvy. 

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